Setting up order follow-ups

Shop-Script can automatically send email and text (SMS) notifications after a specified period of time upon order status change. This kind of automatic delayed messages is called follow-ups.

Follow-ups are often sent to customers; e.g., to make them an additional offer or as a reminder to add a product review.

How to set up a follow-up

  1. Open backend section “Marketing → Follow-ups” and click “New follow-up”.
  2. Enter a follow-up name, which will not be shown to recipients and will be displayed in the backend for your convenience only.
  3. Select a transport to send the follow-up: email or SMS.
    To send SMS notifications, install an SMS provider integration plugin in Installer app and set it up in “SMS” “section of the backend‘s Settings” screen.
  4. Specify follow-up sending rules:
    • how many hours must pass after order status change to trigger the follow-up
    • whether the follow-up must be sent for customers‘ recurrent orders
  5. Select an order source, for which the follow-up must be triggered.
  6. Select a sender.
  7. Enter follow-up message subject, if email transport is selected.
  8. Content” field is automatically filled with a default message template with variables which will be replaced with actual data before each follow-up sending. For example, variable {$order.id_str} will be replaced with the current order number. To view the complete list of available variables, use “Cheat sheet” link at the page bottom.
  9. Set up a cron job so that the sending of follow-ups does not require your attention and occurs automatically. Click “How to set up?” in the sidebar, copy the displayed command text in the pop-up area, and use it to set up a cron job in your web server control panel.


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