How to resend ordered items list to customer

The template of the default notification on a new order contains code which adds the list of ordered items to the notification text. This notification is sent to a customer only once—right after an order has been placed.

How do you send a message with the list of ordered items to a customer again, at any time when you need it? To do so, set up  custom order action and a notification for it.

  1. Add a new action in “Settings → Order states” section .

  2. Select not to change order status in the action properties.

  3. Enable availability for the new action in all order statuses.
  4. Copy the new order notification template in “Settings → Notifications” section.
  5. In the same section, add a new notification. In the “Event” list select your new order action added in “Settings → Order states” section.
  6. Select a customer as the notification recipient.

  7. Paste the copied new-order notification template to the template-editing area.
  8. Remove irrelevant information from the pasted template by leaving only the part displaying the list of ordered items.
  9. Save new notification.

Done! A new action is available in all order states, in the form of an additional button.

Clicking that new button will send the ordered items list to a customer.


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