Discounts setup

You can offer your customer various types of discounts. The discounts setup is available in section “Marketing → Settings → Discounts”.


This kind of discounts is convenient to attract new customers via additional channels such online ads or printed media, or to build loyalty of selected customers.

A coupon is a letter-and-digit code that a customer can enter on the shopping cart or checkout page to receive a discount. The size of discount, the validity period, the maximum number of uses, and the way of communicating a coupon to a customer are the subjects of your choice.

Create discount coupons in section “Marketing → Coupons”.

By customer category

Discounts by customer category are convenient to offer different discounts to different categories of your customers. You may include a customer in a category by the amounts of their orders or by their geographical location.

Every customer can be included in a category; e.g., “Returning”, “Wholesale”, “International”, etc. Add all necessary categories and add customers to them in section “Customers”.

Then open section “Marketing → Settings → Discounts” and save the amount of the discount which you want to offer to customers from each of the available categories. A customer who is included in a category can use a corresponding discount only if authorized with a password.

By order total

This type of discounts encourages shoppers to place expensive orders by purchasing many items at once.

A customer can use a discount depending on the order total amount. Save several threshold values denoting total order values, which must be exceeded by customers so that they can enjoy corresponding discounts. Below are examples of threshold values and corresponding discounts:

Order total > $10005% discount
Order total > $20007% discount
Order total > $300010% discount

You can save as many threshold values and their discounts as you need.

By customers overall purchases

This type of discounts is convenient to encourage shoppers to place multiple orders.

The logic is very similar to that of the discounts setup by the order total, with the exception that it is applied to all orders ever placed by a registered customer. Here you can also set up threshold values and corresponding discount values.

Use of multiple discount types

If you have more than one type of discounts set up in your online store, then some of your customers might have an opportunity to get several discounts applied to their orders. For instance, a customer might be included in a category with a discount and might also have received a discount coupon from you.

To resolve such situations, select one of these options in section “Marketing → Settings → Discounts”:


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