Product codes

As of version 8.9 you can use product codes in Shop-Script.

A product code is an arbitrary text or numeric value saved for an ordered item piece. If you have multiple pieces of the same product in an order, then you can save an individual product code value for each piece. For instance, if a customer has ordered a product named “USB Flash Drive 64 GB” in one order, you can save up to 10 product codes values — a value per Flash drive in this example.

How to save products for ordered items

To save product code values, use links with QR code icons under the items’ names on the order page.

In addition to individual links for each order item, you can also use common link “Edit product codes” in the right-hand sidebar.

Below is shown an example of the product codes editing form.

Despite the fact that you might have only one item in an order, product codes can be edited for each ordered item piece.

How to set up a product code

We have shown above how to edit product code values for ordered items. Let’s see how you can set up such a product code in your online store.

Open section “Settings → Product types & Features”.

In drop-down menu “Add” select “Product code”.

Enter any name and identifier.

Save product code settings.

Done! Now you can save product values for order items as described above in this article.

How entered product values are used

You can use product codes to store serial numbers of technical devices, license numbers of software copies, and any other unique codes for ordered items. How exactly various product codes will be used in your online store is up to installed plugins for Shop-Script. Please look for such plugins in the Webasyst Store.


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