Variable sets of contact fields for different types of clients

This setup is available only for multi-step checkout storefronts. The selection of the checkout type is available in each storefront’s settings.

To offer different sets of contact fields to different types of clients; e.g., to individuals and organizations, add a new contact field of type “Selectable (radio)” in backend section “Settings → Checkout → Contact info”.

With this new field, your clients will be able to select the appropriate client type and then complete the corresponding contact fields during checkout. For example, fields like “Company name” and “Website” may be requested from organizations and are rarely required for individuals.

For this new selector field, add a few values for clients to select from; e.g., “individual” and “organization”.

Be sure to mark this field as required otherwise many clients will forget to select a type.

Then click on “Advanced settings” and select which contact fields must be requested from each of the client types.

Save checkout settings.

Done! Now your clients can select a client type and complete the appropriate contact fields when placing an order in your store.


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